"Solar Water Heating" Etchmiadzin, Armenian Apostolic Church

“Solar Water Heating”
Etchmiadzin, Armenian Apostolic Church
First and unique Heat-pipe Solar Water Heating system of 410kWp with 5160 pipes is being installed in Etchmiadzin, in between the St. Gayane Church and Mother Cathedral. The installed system will provide hot water for the all the buildings and institution of Mother See of Holly Etchmiadzin.

The new and efficient system will meet 90% demand of hot water annually . It m will approximately save 750.000KWh energy and decrease up to 100tons of CO2 emissions.

First and the biggest solar hot water system of Etchmiadzin will stimulate and promote the use of renewable energy systems in Armenia and will reduce the significant environmental impact caused by gas consumption.

Here you can see the simulation of the soon to be constructed solar hot water system.

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