Hrazdan Prison: Installation of Heat Pipe Solar Water System

Solar water heaters are one of the cheapest known water heating technologies in all over the world. Our experience shows that for commercial buildings in the moderate climatic conditions of Armenia evacuated tube heat pipe pressurized active solar water heating systems are the most suitable ones hence this technology is suggested for installation in the Hrazdan Prison for water heating purposes.

Parameters of installed system are presented below

  • Collector type: Vacuum tube heat pipe solar water heater
  • System type: Pressurized, anti freezing liquid inside
  • Number of vacuum tubes: 600 piece
  • Installation surface area: 180 sqm
  • Installation location: The roof of the prison
  • Daily hot water (45 °C) volume: 1.5--3.5 ton (for different seasons)
  • Annual savings (kWh): 72900 kWh
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