With rising energy cost, existing poor heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems’ performance and greater building owner expectations demand on energy efficient HVAC systems continuously increases because they are the main contributor in the building energy balance.

Towards increment of energy conservations our knowledgeable specialists and construction team will help the building owners to have:

Properly sized HVAC Systems

Efficient Chilled Water Distribution

Efficient Air Distribution System

Efficient Demand Control Ventilation

Efficient Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems

Efficient CO based controls etc.

Efficient and operational building energy management systems (BEMS)

BEMS is a micro processor control based system designed to monitor and control all parameters of HVAC, electrical, fire protection, elevators and other building services/utilities. BEMS helps in conserving energy by executing various energy efficient programs for optimized performance of the systems and to assist the operation and maintenance of the installation.